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Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

Exhaust air heat pump systems are becoming increasingly popular with developers and self-builders alike. The exhaust air heat pump uses otherwise wasted heat in the warm air areas of your home (bathrooms, kitchen, utility..) and transfers that heat to hot water using the same principles as air source and ground source heat pumps.

An exhaust air heat pump unit will cover your heating and hot water requirements and will only need backup power in adverse or extreme loading conditions. On the NIBE heat pump units we install, there are in-built immersion heaters that supply extra heat energy, but docking can be made to other heat sources such as electric boilers, solar panels or even other heat pumps. Each unit is suitable for a different property size range. Exhaust air heat pumps are only suitable for properties with small heating demands, as the output from the compressor is limited to less than 5kw.

System Overview

Exhaust Air Heat Pump - System Overview

Solo can install three different types of exhaust air heat pumps. The first class (NIBE 200P and 370P) will take warm stale air from the bathroom, kitchen and utility rooms within the home, and extract that air through a series of ducts run within the floor and walls.

The heat energy within the air is passed over a heat exchanger within the unit, which transfers the energy to refrigerant. This refrigerant boils and evaporates (whilst still sealed in the unit at all times), and once this refrigerant is in a gaseous state, it is compressed. As this gas is compressed it creates heat, much like when air is compressed, and it is this heat which is transferred to the hot water and heating system.

The step up from the 200P and 370P exhaust air units are the 410P units. These extract from the stale air areas of the home, but at the same time, transfer some of this recycled heat to fresh incoming air from the outside. This fresh air is supplied through a separate duct system to the livable areas of the home. These include the living rooms and bedrooms. The 410P exhaust air heat pump will save more Kwh's of energy per year, but will cost around £900 more to install.

Exhaust Air Heat Pump Cost

The supply, installation and commissioning cost for an exhaust air heat pump system is £9,000. This would include all the ductwork at 1st fix stage, electrics for the system, connection to the properties services and commissioning.

These systems are very cost effective when taking into account no gas supplies will be needed for the property, Code For Sustainable Homes renewable energy requirements are covered, Building Regulations ventilation requirements are met, and of course the lower running costs and comfort of the system will increase the value and salability of the home itself. In Local Authority developments, fuel poverty regulations are also met with these exhaust air heat pump systems.

NIBE 410P Exhaust Air Heat Pump

As we have mentioned above, the 410P units provide a fully sealed and controlled method of ventilation and heating for your home. They require the installation of an extra duct system that will supply pre-heated fresh air to the livable areas of the home. These units are especially suitable for new properties and smaller homes / flats. New builds are now extremely air tight and these units cover all ventilation and renewable energy requirements all in one. The 410P exhaust air heat pump system works with many of the principles of a full mechanical heat recovery system, with the added benefit of heat pump technology.

Use this interactive diagram to see how these systems will work within your home:

NIBE 200P and 360P Exhaust Air Heat Pump

These units are very similar to the 410P unit, the only difference being they do not supply fresh ventilated air to the livable areas of the home. Instead they rely upon various air intake grilles direct to the outside air. When the stale air is extracted to the unit, fresh air is naturally brought into the home as the air pressure balances are changed. Because the unit does not preheat the fresh air, the Kwh per year savings on the 200P and 360P units are less than that of the 410P exhaust air heat pump.

NIBE Exhaust Air Heat Pums

The 200P has inbuilt immersion heaters rated at 3Kw, and the 360P has a rating of 8Kw. depending on the heating load and hot water requirements of the property, we will size the unit accordingly.

The NIBE exhaust air heat pump range is ideally suited to new build flats or small homes. They will cover Code For Sustainable Homes renewable energy requirements, whilst providing a relatively low cost solution for heating and hot water.

As with all exhaust air heat pump systems, careful commissioning procedures must be met in order for the system to operate correctly. These included an accurately balanced extract and supply fresh air duct system. In 200P and 360P units, careful consideration to the fresh air trickle vents must be given to ensure an efficiently operating system. This is where Solo's experience and understanding of these systems counts; we can ensure a fully operating efficient system, which will give many years of trouble free use to the home owner.

Speak to Solo about designing and installing the correct exhaust air heat pump system for your new home or development.


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