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Solar Thermal Panels

Solar Thermal Panels

Solar panels or Solar Collectors are the most well known eco-friendly energy option. Their foreseeable payback periods mean that homeowners can now see the cost benefits of solar panel systems far quicker than previously. Solo Heating Installations can install flat solar panels or evacuated tube solar panels including drain back and sealed systems.

Solar Thermal Panels

There are two types of solar panel, flat panel design and evacuated tubes. The evacuated tube solar panels are more efficient but for this efficiency you will pay around 15% more for the collectors themselves. Flat solar panels are often preferred because of their less obtrusive look on your property.

The system works on a separate loop connected into a specially designed solar cylinder. This separate loop ensures the antifreeze inside the solar panels does not mix into the general central heating system.

Solar panels are very flexible in terms of connection or docking to other heating forms. Popular docking can be made to ground or air source heat pumps, thermal store cylinders and even biomass boilers. Because they are an extra added bonus and are not a primary heating source, they can be added at any time. This means at installation stage of another heat source such as a ground source heat pump, we can put in a solar coil cylinder, with the intention of adding solar panels further down the line.

Solar Thermal Panel Heating System Cost

Solo Heating Installations can install a typical 2 panel solar panel set from around £3,400.00. Some other costs, such as the cost to upgrade your cylinder will usually be added to this rough figure. All situations are different so we would advise for us to do a full site survey at design stage to get the specification correct. Contact us for further details.

How do Heat Recovery Systems work?

Solar Panel System

This Diagram shows a typical solar thermal panel system docked to a standard unvented hot water cylinder. Here we can see two coils inside the cylinder. One to allow the solar panel docking and the other to allow the heating through a primary coil.

In other thermal store design cylinders, we still require a separate coil for the solar panels, even in a tank in tank design thermal store. The size of the hot water cylinder will be determined by how many solar panels we are docking. This always needs to be checked against the total hot water usage for the property, to ensure we are not heating water which is never going to be used. Sizing will be performed by a Solo Heating Installations engineer at the design & consultation stage.

Vaillant Solar Thermal Panel Systems

Horizontal Loop

Vaillant Aurotherm solar panels harness the power in both direct and diffused sunlight, converting the energy into heat, to produce hot water for the home.

The solar panels have been designed to complement existing heating systems which use a store of hot water in a cylinder. They are a perfect partner to Vaillant's Aurostor solar coil cylinders.

A typical well-sized solar panel system should provide around 60%-85% of the domestic hot water requirements of a home in an entire year. In a new home, the hot water requirements throughout a year often surpass the heating requirements, so solar panels can cut down your annual fuel bills considerably.

The flat solar panels Vaillant offer are the Aurotherm standard and the Aurotherm plus range. The Aurotherm plus panels have slightly lower emission rates and are therefore more efficient. Vaillant also do an evacuated tube range, using German manufacturer Schott tubes for all their panels.


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